Katalepsy - "Musick Brings Injuries"

Image of Katalepsy - "Musick Brings Injuries"


Here they come, a "MUST HAVE" debut CD of the most brutal and promising Russian brutal death metal act. KATALEPSY destroys mind with their crushing slamming DM sound and kills you with excellent groove riffs and amazing sound-producing. This record was produced by a well-know Russian studio-master Arkadiy Navaho (Fleshbomb, Act Of God, Grenouer, Anaemia) and presents you 7 tracks of utter guttural brutality. If you love bands like Devourment, Infected Malignity, Guttural Secrete and Waking The Cadaver, Sect of Execration... you'll be totally obsessed by their spinecrushing juicy sound. Amazing cover on Mortician's classic "Rabid" (which was featured on a current international Mortician's tribute which is out on American Line Productions) and sick artwork by famous Spanish art-maniac Phlegeton (Disgorge (Mex), Mortician, Avulsed, Impure (Spa), Wormed, Embryonic Devourment and many others) included. Featuring special bonus Katalepsy poster inside the booklet.

Listen and buy digital download: http://sfcrecords.bandcamp.com/album/musick-brings-injuries